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Production circuit board

Professional Engineering Design, Development and Consultancy Services

Design Competence

Reeset has a wide range of design skills encompassing analogue, digital and embedded software technologies.

Product design can range from the simplest of single sided printed circuit board designs through to densely populated surface mount, multi-layer pcbs.

Support For Industry

Many Companies find that design and developing associated support products for their main line products difficult.

Internal resources are usually committed to their mainstream product development. Reeset Electronics can efficiently and cost effectively ease that burden by developing associated support and test equipment for your products, releasing your staff to do what they do best, - your core product development!

Specialised Test Equipment

Increasingly Reeset Electronics is being asked to design and develop electronic solutions to test specialised OEM equipment. These can range from MOD quality and complexity products down to the simplest of test equipment.

Electronic Design, Development and Manufacture

Using in house CAD systems and prototype manufacturing capability, your concept can be quickly developed for testing and appraisal. High quality production printed circuit boards can then be manufactured, inspected and tested. Both batch and scheduled production orders can be accommodated.

Exhibition Lighting, Point of Sale and Museum applications

For many years, Reeset Electronics have designed and manufactured cost effective "one-off" products aimed at these specialised markets. Prototype units can be quickly produced for Client evaluation, modified as required if necessary, and production quantities can usually be delivered within very short timescales.

Research & Development

Assistance for Inventors to realise the full potential benefits of their innovation has been a small but not insignificant area of our expertise. Confidentiality Agreements are agreed early on before any significant divulgences are exchanged. These Agreements usually last for 5 years regardless of whether the Product has been marketed or not, unless terminated by mutual agreement.