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Typical Design Cycle and Project Management

Requirements Definition
Client’s requirements are presented in anything from cigarette packet sketch to a detailed technical specification.
Design Proposal
All the significant parameters which both the Client and the designer consider of sufficient significance are collated to enable an Estimate to be produced. Where this cannot be provided with any degree of certainty this will be clearly identified within the document.
Design Specification
The Design Specification states how Reeset Electronics intends to provide a solution to the requirement. It offers greater detail on all aspects of the design from the problem presentation to functional and technological specifications right through to test and certification plans. This allows the Client to fully understand all that he is being asked to approve.
*Schematic Design
Once agreed, Reeset Electronics will design the circuit to meet the Design Specification, employing techniques to meet EMC emissions, temperature range, vibration, and circuit protection as specified within the Brief. Completed schematics are sent for approval before moving to the printed circuit board layout stage.
PCB Layout
Reeset Electronics will then proceed to the circuit board layout stage and this addresses specific physical parameters highlighted within the Design Specification document. Reeset Electronics will typically provide 2D and 3D models of the board as the project development progresses.
Reeset Electronics tend to favour Microchip “PIC” devices when appropriate. Software can be written in both “C” and assembler code.
Once the board design and layout are approved the first batch of prototypes are ready to be manufactured. Fast-turn build options are available for projects working to constrained timescales. These prototypes can be bench tested and the Client is encouraged to fully evaluate their performance.
Environmental Testing
Reeset Electronics will work together with our clients to ensure the prototypes pass any environmental testing that is required. This can include EMC emissions, vibration, temperature and humidity as well as other industry specific standards.
Delivery of Manufacturing Pack
Reeset Electronics will provide copies of all schematics, along with PCB artwork, a full BOM, PCB artworks, software code and any other necessary documentation to enable the Client to independently manufacture the product if required.
Production Management
Vital to the on-going success of any Project is the management of software versions, assembly quality, system testing, component obsolescence and other unforeseen circumstances. Reeset Electronics can manage this entire process freeing the Client of their valuable resources.
Schematic and 3D overlay