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Production circuit board

About Reeset Electronics

Reeset Electronics is a small electronics company based in Maidenhead, Berkshire providing professional engineering design, development and consultancy services.

The client base encompasses Industrial Controls and Instrumentation, the Toy Industry, Security systems, Point of Sale Advertisers, along with specialised products for the handicapped, illustrating the Company's versatility to cater for differing Clients' requirements.

By strictly controlling unnecessary overheads whilst maintaining quality standards, Reeset Electronics can also undertake private inventors' concepts through to working prototypes and pre-production units without the large Corporate fees normally associated with such projects.

About Ed Rees, BSc, CEng., MIET

Educated in South Wales, I had an early natural interest in engineering, which was encouraged throughout my school years. Studying for a BSc. at University College of North Wales (Bangor) seemed a logical progression. I graduated in 1976, and moved to England to work for GEC McMichael (Slough). I was involved with Post Design Services, mainly for the Royal Navy. I later worked for Mars Electronics International as a Project Engineer, where I learnt exemplary Business Standards and Ethics, many of which I still find appropriate in my own Consultancy, which I formed in 1993.

Statement of Professional Standing

The Institution of Engineering and Technology, (previously known as the Institution of Electrical Engineers) and the Engineering Council have, by Professional examination, granted me the use of the title of Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, and Chartered Engineer. These Professional Bodies have been established to promote and develop the knowledge and best practice of engineering. I am therefore bound by a Professional Code, and committed to continuing professional development.

The Code is an undertaking to have a duty and a responsibility to ensure that my conduct will not bring myself, the Profession, or the Professional Bodies into disrepute. Furthermore, it is my personal responsibility to:

It is my belief that by adhering to the above principles, I can offer my clients a high level of service, and satisfy even the most demanding of expectations.

Ed Rees, Proprietor.